01 April, 2008

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Junkster said...

This (and your previous post) is great!

But don't tell the "Pats" -- they'd get rid of your front door and that lady's car 'cuz they've been "contaminated" by "wimmin preechers".


Lin said...

Junk, Just think...she is a 92 year old woman who taught a man about Jesus. And if his heart is convicted and saved, the angels are rejoicing.

What did she have? Nothing but the power of the Holy Spirit! (I am guessing she does not have an MDiv :o)

She had NO earthly authority over him...just the opposite, in fact.

If they say, well, it was not at church, then where is the church? A building?

Did she usurp his authority? Did she sin by 'preaching' the Word to a man?

Incredible, huh?

I cannot tell you how much she reminded me of my mom with her attitude toward the whole thing...even giving him her 10 dollars!

Steve said...

Silver and gold have I none, but what I have....

Anonymous said...

Sniff, sniff. Tear. I need a tissue.

This is beautiful.