04 April, 2008

Do You Attend This Church?


Scott said...

The video said: Christians are confused.

No, the reality is "Christians" are not confused. The people that are confused are the unsaved people that need the gospel.

imaresistor said...

Right Scott! If these 'confused' are referring to themselves as Christians, then they are deceiving themselves. They must re-examine their lives and seek their fruit. And I might add it is the likes of Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Choppra, Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, etc. that is used of satan to deceive these people. I read/listen to these people and my heart crys out...I pray that people will turn deaf ears to this total heresy! Total nonsense! Ears are being tickled and consciouses are being seared. The gate is wide and the pathway to hell is heavily traveled.

Lin, thanks so much for including this in your blog. People must open their eyes.

Steve said...

Actually, there's just a whole lotta confusin' goin' on out dere, as the old senator would say.

LIN - can you recall and date that post at Burleson's blog from the lady that had had some really unfortunate experience relating to Dr. John Floyd when he was a pastor? I was thinking you had been one of the few to respond to her posting.