02 March, 2008

Bring Your Tithe Into The Storehouse?


Scott said...

Tithing. That is not the real question. The question lies in the so-called institutions asking for the tithes. In other words, do we give tithes for God's storehouse or are we merely paying a temple tax?

Junkster said...

Actually, tithing is the real question. We must start by determining if tithing is a command for Christians. Pastors and churches (institutions) aren't "asking" for tithes, they are requiring them. We need to decide if that expectation is at all appropriate before getting into where the request comes from or where the money should go.

See Should the Church Teach Tithing?

telos said...
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telos said...

How does tithing make us more like Jesus? How does asking for the tithe make the pastor more like Jesus? Is there sanctification?

Has the gospel turned into a fixation on works? What is happeneing in each of these communities? Are people doing things just to feel good or are they doing things to love Jesus.

Scott said...

I don't pay tithes to the pseudo-church system of today.

We give tithes (and offerings) to God's Church.

Therein the question is NOT about tithing but whether man-made hypocrisy is supported instead of God ordained furtherance of His Kingdom.

Lindon said...

I personally think Jesus raised the bar from tithing. I cannot find a tithe in the NT except for Jesus paying the temple tax and telling Peter: The sons are free but lets not offend them. So He was keeping the law while here.

But there is offering. If your brother needs help...do all you can to help him. Give to help spread the Gospel. Take care of those who teach, etc. They just did not have fancy buildings like we do. And yes, Scott, it is starting to feel like a temple tax. An 'in-debt' temple tax. :o)

I see no set amount in the NT but it calls for a generous cheerful giver. Personally, I believe that could mean me giving to a brother/sister in Christ who needs the money. It could mean giving to further the Kingdom.

I watched a video the other day of Dr. Russell Kelly about tithing that was very indepth. It was his PhD thesis.

Here is a link

Lindon said...

Oops, Sorry Junk...the video I posted from google is the same guy whose website you posted.

His delivery in the video is not riviting but he has done his homework. :o)