16 February, 2008

The Clergy/ Laity Church Lie


Clellie said...

I'm guessing this brother is not too popular in the established church, though.

Lin said...

I think you may be right. :o)

Anonymous said...

What an idiot I am! I thought the video was you preaching.

Hey, it's nice to meet a fellow believer in the doctrines of grace.

God bless, and please take care,
Donna L. Carlaw

Dusman said...

Hi Lin!

I loved this comment you posted today (3-27-08) on Wade Burleson's blog:

"Ironically, I am uncomfortable with a woman pastor but not for the reasons you may think. The church today resembles very little of the NT church which met in homes. When they met in Lydia's home, does anyone really believe she was silent? Do we really believe she was serving tea and crumpets and not engaged in the worship or telling what Christ has done in her life? Do we think a man coming to her home told her she could not speak or be engaged in the worship?

I believe we have institutionalized the Body and within our organizational structure today, I am uncomfortable with a woman pastor but I would not think it is sin to have one. And just like a male pastor, I would insist she be doctrinally correct on the essentials.

Think of the differences today in church and in the NT church...there were no pulpits, and it was not a spectator situation where ONE person was preaching. Most everyone was involved in some way in the NT church. And Paul said, let several speak and the others judge. There was a reason for that."

What a great statement. Thanks for bringing some level-headedness to that blog article. God bless!

Lin said...

Thanks! It is sobering to see how legalistic the SBC has become in thinking on secondary doctrines. It is quite scary.