05 June, 2007

Evan Almighty

Hollywood has found a new market niche for movies: Christians. If they can get your pastor to promote it from the pulpit, they have a blockbuster and the money will follow. Evan Almighty is just such a film. Did you know there are PR Groups out there that specialize in marketing movies like this to Christians?

Take Evan Almighty and all the hoopla surrounding this film. The PR people have outdone themselves this time. Planting trees, random acts of kindness, the environment. Well, this is fun...and good...what could possibly be wrong with this? Hollywood is not stupid. But you have to wonder about 'Christians'.

Check out the watcherslamp blog for how Willow Creek is jumping on the bandwagon. Then check out http://getonboardnow.org/.
Where is the gospel? Are we entertaining ourselves right into hell?

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Bill Reichart said...

My family and I saw the movie this past Tuesday and I posted my review and comments here on my blog:


I had some further thoughts about the marketing aspect of the movie, I would like to hear your opinion on that.