07 June, 2007

Dreaming of What?

This is more like a nightmare but unfortuantly, it is real.

If I were queen, I would outlaw the words, 'Story and Community'. But enough of that...are there any translators out there who can actually make sense of this 'conversation'?

Doesn't this sound a bit too Orwellian? It certainly has NOTHING to do with the gospel or the God of the Scriptures.


David said...

Here's wishing you were Queen,


Lin said...

Ha Ha. My first edict would be that one must have a point and make sense in all public communication.

WatchingHISstory said...

This young man's grandfather must have been one of the men that helped change the SBC theology of "salvation is wholly of grace" to "salvation is for the whole man". This took place in 1963.

Boy, I bet his grandfather is proud of his grandson. You can just see the natural progression from grandfather to grandson.

Scott said...


His eccleisiology is very suspect. He must have been dreaming because it does not seem he was reading his Bible.