12 May, 2007

Home School Scamumentary

It seems that the Christian community and especially the Home School movement has been scammed with a documentary called, "Raising the Allosaur: The True Story of a Rare Dinosaur and the Home Schoolers Who Found It."

If you bought this CD or video, you need to know the real story behind this documentary. And the truth is simple: Young homeschool children did NOT discover the Allosaur!

A new website has been launched to chronicle the real story of who first discovered the Allosaur and subsequent events surrounding this dig. The website contributors seem to include some who have been involved with this event from almost the beginning. Here is a link to the site:


A few months back ministry watchman wrote an article about this 'documentary' that raised many concerns. Here is an excerpt from that article:

The mysterious disappearing Vision forum production was a 2002 documentary video entitled, Raising the Allosaur: The True Story of a Rare Dinosaur and the Home Schoolers Who Found It . The reason it disappeared from Vision Forum’s website and catalog is that it’s not a “true story” but rather a highly exaggerated account of some home school kids and their parents who tagged along, as part of nothing more than a tour group, on someone else’s dinosaur dig.

What concerns me is not only the money that was made from this documentary by Christians who should know better but also deceptions perpetuated by some leaders in the home school movement. The home school movement needs to be known for truth, integrity and character in all things.

It is my understanding that this site will continue to post installments of this long but very involved story which included legal intervention. So stay tuned and bookmark the link.

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simplegifts3 said...

I agree, Lindon. I've linked to that site on my blog, too. Thanks for the article.