10 May, 2007

Are You Really Saved?


Lindon said...

Give this some time to load. It is about 45 minutes long but well worth it for eternity sake.

For His Glory

imaresistor said...

Hi Lindon,

I have never sat as upright in my life having been as 'tuned in' to a sermon as I was this one. I watched it several weeks ago. It should be required of every human being on the face of the earth to watch it! Then watch it again...and again.

I have had the distinct privilege of hearing Paul Washer preach in person. In addition, I have had the distinct privilege of meeting Paul Washer. He has a spirit of meekness and humbleness like none I have ever seen before.

Please do those you know the favor of forwarding this video to them.

Bro. Paul is going to be doing more youth conferences this year...just go to the Heartcry website and look under the calendar for the dates and places.

Thanks Lindon, for having shared this video.


Lin said...

Hi Nena!

The sheep are starving for meat. Washer just teaches meat.

Grace and Peace, sister. Lin