30 April, 2007

10 Of The 72 Virgins...


Neil Eichstadt said...

Dear Lin, I am in full agreement with Gandi, it is often Christians who block the way for people to have a relationship with jesus. The picture you have in published is in bad taste and offensive to both Muslims and Christians.

Lindon said...

Hi Neil, Are you the same Neil who commented on this post:


If so, I can understand why you would think my post was in bad taste.

Grace and peace.

Scott said...

Reminds of the story of the homicide bomber arriving in paradise after killing many people. He was standing there expectantly awaiting his "virgins" when George Washington walked up to him and slugged him. Then followed Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Robert E. Lee, "Stonewall Jackson", and James Madison.

The bomber was amazed. He had not expected this. So he asked why he was receiving such treatment.

George Washington replied. Oh! You were expecting 72 VIRGINS, not 72 VIRGINIANS.

Corrie said...



I was brought up Catholic and I come from a big family of Catholics. We all thought this was funny.

Lin said...

Good one, Scott!

Corrie, I thought it was hilarious.

But on further thought, I may offend Muslims and in turn...they might think I am an infidel and want to kill me or something....(sigh)

Jim from OldTruth.com said...

Great picture!

Won't they be surprised when they meet these 10 and the other 62 :-)