16 February, 2007

Signs Of The Times

Women and children last – make way for the dogs. The House of Representatives voted 349-24 to approve the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act. The bill mandates that state and local agencies draw up evacuation plans accommodating household pets in the event of future disasters. Political activist Gary Bauer called the vote a “a triumph of misguided compassion over common sense.” He said, “There aren’t 349 members of the House willing to save marriage in America as the union of one man and one woman, but more than three-quarters of our ‘representatives’ want to make sure we can save Lassie from the next hurricane! Something is amiss.”

Netherlands court accepts “pedophile party.”
A Netherlands political party formed by pedophiles and aimed at lowering the age of consent from 16 to 12 was given approval by a Dutch court to continue operations. The court ruled July 17 that the party had the same right to exist as any other party. The Brotherly Love, Freedom and Diversity party (PNVD) is also backing the legalization of child porn and bestiality. In a statement, the court said, “The freedom of expression, the freedom of assembly and the freedom of association ... should be seen as the foundations of the democratic rule of law and the PNVD is also entitled to these freedoms.” No Kidding, a children’s rights group, is petitioning parliament to move against the PNVD. “Dutch citizens must make their voices heard,” the group said in a statement, “if we do not want to sacrifice our children to pedophile interests.”

Sinners in the hands of the gay agenda. Puritan preacher Jonathan Edwards was a defining figure in the Great Awakening of the mid-18th century. His sermon, “Sinners in the hands of an angry God,” is still taught in schools as one of the clearest statements of Reformation theology. His theology is not the same one that’s being preached today by one of his descendants. The Rev. Janet Edwards, a Presbyterian minister and distant relative of circuit riding New England preacher and theologian officiated at a wedding for two women and was investigated by her denomination.

Source: The Charlotte World

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Anonymous said...

This is horribly shocking! People here in American said the gay agenda would never lead to pedophiles and bestiality becoming accepted or legal...now they can see they are wrong! God has lifted His hand from our country and we are going down the same path as the Netherlands.