05 February, 2007

No Repenting Necessary is the Message

If you are reading the Message Bible, there is good news for you. Very little 'repenting' is required in Eugene Peterson's translation of a translation paraphrase Bible.

I did a quick search for the word “repent” in Eugene Peterson’s “The Message” and here is what I found:

The word, "repent", appeared only twice – both times in Revelations.

“Repentance” appeared only one time in Matthew and “repenting” only once in the Gospel of Luke.
So, anything to do with 'repentance' appeared 4 times in the Message.

Most other New Testament versions of the Bible had “repent” or some form of the word appearing 50 to 60 times.

But even worse, in “The New Life Translation” and “The Contemporary English” there was nothing resembling the word 'repent'.
Make sure what you are reading is a direct translation of God's Holy Word.
Just how important is this word? What was Jesus' first sermon in Matthew? Mark? If you guessed, 'Repent'!, you are right.


Jen said...

I had to look for myself and I found that the Contemporary English Version had ZERO times the word repent or repentance is used in the New Testament.

This is extremely significant, Lin. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

David Dansker said...


The attack on God's word continues, and the missive Message is proof. Thanks for keeping fire at your end--excellent post!


Scott said...

ESV has it 41 times.
KJV has it 43 times.
HCSB has it 39 times
NASB95 has it 40 times.

Lindon said...

Hi David thanks for stopping by.

Scott, Wow, Thanks for sharing that here.