08 February, 2007

Vaccination Without Representation

Jen over at Jen's Gems has done her homework on this vaccine for cervical cancer which was developed by Merck for 11-12 year old girls. If you have a daughter you will want to read up on what is going on in Texas. Jen has done some research on the vaccine and there is plenty to be concerned about because will eventually be coming to your state , too.

I have my opinions on why this is happening: The drug companies are looking for new markets. And what a market they will have in middle school girls in every state!

A very interesting twist on this vaccine is that the liberals who usually hate big drug companies are all for forcing young girls to take this drug which will bring in billions to Merck before it is over. Seems they are so enthralled with the idea of sexual freedom without risk that they don't mind if the big nasty drug companies make big bucks. Not the ideologues they would have us believe, huh? They would not even take into consideration that there ARE young girls out there who stay pure before marriage. Watch out, if they ever develop a vaccine for HIV, it too, will be forced on your children if this is not stopped.

This vaccine does not have a lot of long term testing behind it. You need to read up on before you have to explain to some bureaucrat why you are refusing it for your daughter. Seems it is NOT real easy to opt out. You could even have your health insurance cancelled. The Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, declared this by Executive Order!

Vaccination without Representation.

Yikes, big brother IS calling the shots. Take heed.

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Scott said...

Just saw that the gov. of Texas passed an executive decision making it mandatory.

The hand basket is getting larger and is moving faster.