27 January, 2007

The Ugly Truth About Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter. The name brings back memories of sweaters in the White House. An unlit Christmas Tree. Counting the days of the Hostages in Iran. The 'misery index' and long lines at the gas pump.

Now Jimmy Carter is trying to rewrite his legacy. Here is a man that cozies up with Yassar Arafat even helping him to con Israel with fake peace. He is still at it with Hamas.

Even the simplest among us realize that killing Jews is the intent of Palestinians. This happens even after Jews abandon their settlements with new houses they can move right into! They just keep killing Jews. The Jews even handed over their businesses that were in the settlements.
Yet, instead of saying 'thanks for a business for free", they just kill more Jews. But Jimmy does not get this. Perhaps his ego just won't let go. He invested quite a bit of himself into Yassar Arafat and refused to see the truth for 30 years! Arafat's words and actions just did not fit but our blind former president would not accept this.

Well, Jimmah is back in the news with his new book about how the Palestinians just want peace but those nasty Jews just won't give it to them. But Jimmah's anti Semitic views are coming to light as you can see in these articles:
Jimmah Apologizes for quotes in book (Gee, wonder how he missed that in the grueling editing process?)

From this article:
During his speech, Carter was quoted by the Jewish Week as saying: "Israel will never find peace until it is willing to withdraw from its neighbor's land and give Palestinians their full rights.

The former US president refused a debate with Alan Dershowitz, who spoke after Carter left the hall. "He makes it sound so simple. You just give back the land, and peace will follow. Tell that to the residents of Sderot!" Dershowitz said. "
Thanks, Dershowitz! Right on...all one needs to do is read the PLO Charter to know that!

Jimmah makes an incredibly stupid statement to CNN:

“Hamas deserves to be recognized by the international community, and despite the group's militant history, there is a chance the soon-to-be Palestinian leaders could turn away from violence, former President Jimmy Carter said Wednesday.”

Let’s change the wording a wee bit to make it more realistic:
“The Nazi Party deserves to be recognized by the international community, and despite the group's militant history, there is a chance that Nazi leaders could turn away from violence against the Jews, former President Jimmy Carter said Wednesday"

Yeah...that Hamas....all they want is peace. If ONLY we would recognize them as grown ups who just happen to carry rocket launchers around, strap suicide belts onto teenagers and teach their 2 year old's to kill Jews. All civilized people like this should be respected by the international community. (sigh)

Folks, below are pictures of what the suicide bombers really do. These pictures are taken from suicide bombings in Israel by Palestinian murderers.

WARNING: THESE ARE VERY GRAPHIC. These pictures represent what Jimmy Carter wants to ignore...well, actually, HAS to ignore so he can accuse Israel of not wanting peace.

Seen enough?

Now what did these individuals do to deserve this? Answer: They were Jews.

I have just one question: What keeps Israel from wiping these uncivilized assassins off the map and turning their cities into rubble? Think about that..... because they could.

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Come, LORD Jesus! said...

Jimmy Carter site at the same table as George W. Bush as well as Condoleeza Rice and SO many others who are apostate. These many people claim to know Jesus as LORD but Jesus says that The Holy Ghost abides in TRUE Christians. Since The Holy Ghost abides in TRUE Christians, there is a love for Israel and the Jewish people that pours out so very freely.

It is not enough to claim Christianity as one's profession of faith when actions PROVE that one has merely seen with flesh covetous eyes the cash and VOTES that can be milked out of Christians when we but hear the mention of our LORD and Savior's Name...JESUS.

Carter manifested as one who does not respect GOD's Word when he took such hard issue with the Southern Baptist Convention several years ago when they stated as a group that women are in the role that GOD says we are in His inerrant and infallible Word. To see him joining hands with the antichrist spirit in the world in his betrayal of Israel and God's chosen people is of no surprise. He joins the devilish ranks of George W. Bush who helped put together a road map for peace for Israel when, in face, if he had TRULY believed God's Word, he would have KNOWN that there is NO peace for Israel before The LORD Jesus returns to earth. There will be a FALSE peace (for peace that ends is not true peace) that will be brought in by the antichrist spoken of in Daniel and Revelation (among other Books of The Bible). IF Bush had been a TRUE believer of The LORD Jesus Christ, he would have KNOWN that the land of Israel BELONGS to the Jews BY GOD'S DECREE IN HIS WORD. Instead, he pushed Israel to drive precious Jews from Gaza. I warned Bush by email that God's judgement would come down upon America as a result of this but he could have cared less about my opinion. After all, if one will not hear GOD's opinion, why in the world would he hear my opinion? I watched Katrina forming within days of the deeds done to the Jewish people in Gaza and I watched it heading to America as PART of God's judgement upon America. The devastation in New Orleans and affected areas came from God Almighty Himself. We have all seen what happened to Ariel Sharon shortly after he had participated in the driving out of Jews from Gaza. Yet Bush wants to call himself a "Christian". Condoleeza Rice pushes Israel against God's Word and she wants to call herself a "Christian". Is it so amazing that we would have another betrayer of Israel and the Jewish people in Jimmy Carter?

As though that is not enough, my husband and I have a list of the twenty-five largest denominations world-wide and FOURTEEN of these denominations (all professing "Christianity") adhere to replacement theology. Simply stated, this is a theology that states that The Church has replaced Israel in God's promises. It is a belief that the Jews are no longer God's chosen people despite what GOD has to say about this in His Word. Thus, we see the Presbyterians heading the list calling for boycott of Israel as punishment for Israel having no peace with the Palestinians... with other denominations following suit against God's Jewish people and His land.

These people are apostate. APOSTATE. Did they start out truly believing in Jesus and His Word and then sell out as Balaam did for filthy lucre? Only God knows if they were ever saved. Whether they were or not, they are apostate now. God says in His Word that we are to flee from such. Thank God for the running shoes provided by The Holy Ghost!!! Thank God for eyes to see and ears to hear what has been hidden under the masks of the apostates and heretics. It is GOD allowing us to see and hear these things. He is doing His very best to wake us up before The Rapture. We are at the end. Thank You, LORD Jesus, for Your faithfulness to Your true people and also to the Jewish people and to the land of Israel.

Sincerely in The LORD and ONLY Savior Jesus Christ,
Stephen and Bonita Ann Richie

Living Hope In Jesus