27 January, 2007

Bellevue Baptist Church- Breaking News

Something is brewing at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee:

I do not know what this means but it looks as if there are members out there who have decided that integrity, transparency and following scripture is of the utmost importance to a church. This looks like an attempt to get questions answered because of all the secrecy from the leadership for so long. After months and months of "I don't know" from staff and leadership, I can hardly say I blame them.
The fact that their minister of prayer, Paul Williams, confessed to sodomizing his own son 17 years ago, and that Pastor Steve Gaines kept this information secret from the congregation for 6 months raises many questions about his integrity. He allowed Paul Williams to stay on staff during those 6 months. It was only after the information became public that he put Paul Williams on administrative leave. The state is investigating the confessed abuse but claims that Bellevue leadership is not cooperating.
The church leadership launched an internal investigation and they will present the findings Sunday night. Due to the obfuscation and other improprieties by Pastor Steve Gaines, many members do not trust the internal report.
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