02 December, 2006

The Gift of Understanding

I don't know about you, but we did not do Catechisms when I was growing up. That was something the 'Catholic's did. So, the whole idea is somewhat new to me. I was lamenting about this to one of my daughter's former pre-school teachers. She knew my daughter loved to sing and recommended a Catechism developed by one of her former professors, Jim Scott Orrick at SBTS. He recorded a CD of the 1813 Charleston Association Catechism in song that he wrote for his children. I searched the internet and bought a copy. It is a wonderful way for your child to gain Biblical understanding. The songs are very short and catchy. He reads the question and answer then sings a song of the question and answer. We usually listen to it after devotion and prayer before she goes to sleep. The only problem is that I keep singing the songs all day.

Here is a description of the CD and a link:


Two CD's, with all 114 questions of the Baptist Catechism (a Reformed and Baptistic question & answer teaching tool) put to music, by a gifted songwriter. An excellent way to plant Biblical doctrine in your young child's heart. Note: many of these music pieces are very brief - just long enough to serve as a memory aid to the questions and answers. See text of the Baptist Catechism at: http://founders.org/library/pcat.html (written in 1813 by the Charleston Association)

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