27 November, 2006

Calvinism and 2 Peter 3:9

This video has some very interesting teaching on Election. I wanted to post it on my blog because it is the exact verse that I once heard Chuck Swindoll say was the reason he could never believe in Election.

My thanks to Jim at Old Truth for showing this video on his site. http://www.oldtruth.com/


HenningSam said...

Thanks for the video. I remember the first time I saw this on Cross TV. It really cleared things up for me. It gave me comfort again today!! Knowing that God is the author of my salvation! I have enjoyed your blog. I got here from Slice a few months ago. I thought your comments on Slice were always insightful. Somehow I could tell you were from KY too (I recognized a local situation in one of your comments!) Small world!!

Lindon said...

Thanks for stopping by!