15 August, 2006

A Verse To Remember

Isaiah 2:22

Stop trusting in man, who has but a breath in his nostrils. Of what account is he?


Italy or Bust said...

hey sweet lindon! how are things? hope that you're well. give jodi a heads-up when you have an open night. i'd love to get together :) kiss that cute baby girl for me!

Italy or Bust said...

oh and i don't know if i ever got back to you about the earrings. i had tried to post a comment one day and it wouldn't let me and i might have forgotten to tell you, but i got the earrings i wore in venice at target! yay for target! you should also check out the factory handbag warehouse on hurstbourne in the shoe carnival shopping center. KILLER JEWELRY and really cheap!

Lindon said...

Italy (Becky) great to hear from you. Glad you are back in one piece albeit poorer! (I read about you all being mugged_

Would love to get together!