22 August, 2006

An Unheeded Warning

"Let us never forget that we who stand in the historic stream of Christianity really believe that false doctrine, at those critical points where false doctrine is heresy, is not a small thing. If we do not make clear by word and practice our position for truth as truth and against false doctrine, we are building a wall between the next generation and the gospel. And twenty years from now, men will point their fingers back at us and say of us, this is the result of the flow of history.....Evangelism which does not lead to purity of life and purity of doctrine is just as faulty and incomplete as an orthodoxy which does not lead to a concern for, and communication with, the lost".

-Francis Schaeffer at the 1966 Berlin Conference warning the BGEA about their wrong focus from his book, The Church at the End of the Twentieth Century, (London; Norfolk Press, 1970).
In the book he emphasized upon this address to BGEA, "We must practise the truth even when it is costly. We must pratise it when it involves church affliation or evangelistic cooperation. There is a difference between having a discussion with liberal theologians and inviting him to pray in our programme".


luvvom said...

This is true. We have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Some days are harder than others and that's where grace comes in. Thank my heavenly Father for forgiveness of sin

Lindon said...

Amen! I am weak, He is strong.