20 July, 2006

Christian Persecution

Here is a link to a symposium on Front Page Magazine about Christian persecution in Muslim countries. The article is a few years old but very timely. Front Page Magazine is a secular site but is a very good information source for Middle East affairs.



Patt said...
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luvvom said...

I'm surprised that a secular news paper would even bother to report on persecuted Christians. I have my own blog for the persecuted Christians where I help VOM to spread the news about our brothers and sisters in restricted lands. Nice report.

luvvom said...

I like your profile too :o) "who cares?" That's so true...it's all about God.

Lindon said...

Hi luvvom, This is just a personal blog and I am not very clever with a blog name!

Please send a link to your blog. I could only get the profile to come up. I also visit VOM quite a bit.

Thanks for stopping by.

luvvom said...

If you click on luvvom, when you get to my profile just click on "My Web Page" under contacts and it will take you there. I have a prayer room on the side that I'm in the process of constructing that is for news concerning the persecuted so that people can remember them in their prayers. However, if you already visit VOM then you probably already are aware of the news that comes in weekly. sarah