14 October, 2011


When concern over abusive and unbiblical church leaders at least equals concern over gossip, it will be progress. One of the reasons abusive leaders are able to continue on so long is that they suppress the cries of the injured and shove the victims out into the night as quickly as possible. Pietists are trained to look the other way for the sake of the “cause of Christ” when in fact, Christ’s cause is very much with the wronged, the abused and the injured. The cause of Christ is not keeping big names from being tarnished, it is found in truth.  ~Ingrid Schlueter

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Cindy said...

I've been chewing on this business concerning Chuck Phelps (Tina Anderson's pastor when she was raped at 15) and his appointment to the board at Bob Jones U...

They are more worried about reputations and lawsuits than lambs.

Lindon said...

Yes they are. I have been reading snippets of Arnedt's Banality of Evil and it fits these scenerios perfectly. I mean why ruin the life of a man just because he helped perpetrate the murder of millions of Jews?