20 September, 2010

Complimentarian Genetics 101

Based on 1 Timothy 2:9-15 and what we know from biology, the following is Complementarian Genetics 101:

The “x chromosome” carries the “deception gene.”

The “y chromosome,” however, carries the “anti-deception gene.”

So if a person has two x chromosomes, and is therefore a female, they are by nature and physiology “[completely] deceivable” (εξαπαταω).

However, if a person has one x chromosome and one y chromosome, and is therefore a male, they have a genetic defense against being completely deceived.

It is for this reason that only those with both an x and a y chromosome are to be entrusted with positions of authority in the church, and only they can teach both men and women.

And I would ask: If this is not Complementarian Genetics, why isn’t it?

HT: Eric W at http://www.patheos.com/community/jesuscreed/2010/09/13/a-question-for-the-gospel-coalition/


Debra Baker said...

Using similar logic, sin nature is conveyed to a child via the X or Y chromosome that the father contributes.


Jesus was the only sinless human that ever existedd He got His mother's X chromosome and the Y cane from His father.

So complementarians really don't want to bring up Biblical genetics.

Debra Baker said...

Furthermore, one of the X Chromosomes is inactivated becoming a barr body leaving famales with only one X chromosome/cell and no messy Y to deal with.