30 April, 2010


From: http://www.paganchristianity.org/zensresponds1.htm

If I may, I’d like to quote Frank (Viola) in a recent interview he did with George Barna. The whole interview is worth hearing as they discuss the book and their views on the modern pastorate. In it, he issues this challenge to his listeners:

Pick up your NT and look for this man. Show me a man in the NT who preaches to the same congregation week after week, month after month, year after year. Show me a man in the NT who is called the head of the church. Show me a man in the NT that makes the decisions for a local church. Show me a man in the NT that represents the church in the world, that blesses civic events, that marries the living and buries the dead. And if you can find that man in the NT who fits all of those descriptions, then George Barna will give you $500,000.


Anonymous said...

We have GOT to shoe-horn somebody, anybody, into that spot! I'll split the winnings with ya, k?

Junkster said...

Hmmmm ... if my preacher was "interpreting" 1 Timothy 3 and gave the congregation this description of his "office", and I wrote it in the margins of my NT, does that count? I hope so, 'cuz I could use $500,000.