29 March, 2010

The Event of a Tyrannized Life

The hardest part of talking about any experience of social or spiritual oppression is it is an EVENT that takes place around some of the most personal stuff. By EVENT I mean a longstanding progression of interaction. There is never a single moment, one deciding action where the victim can point and say: “Yup, right there. That is the bad thing I’m talking about.”

And very often, the victim does not know how much they are being taken advantage of. Or even more insidious: they are told the exploitation is God-intended and God-inspired.

The abuse and tyranny occur largely in private about things most folk would like to keep private. To get the conflict, you need the details—often embarrassing details. While most people find the details of their life interesting, everybody else finds them tedious or scandalous. So, how do you tell a story that has lots of UGLY, lots of NECESSARY, but oh so boring details?

The answer is, like you tell all stories that need to be told so that justice and righteousness can prevail. This is a must. It is a dirty, painful path to walk, but it must come forth so that you can be vindicated and that others can gain perspective and empowerment from your experience. There are many just like yourself who are desperately hoping someone out there is like them; that they are not crazy.

Help them by telling your story. When you get to THE END, I am confident that you will be better for it.

From: http://spiritualtyranny.com/the-event-of-an-sgm-life/


Paula said...

Just happened to see your post today, and went into "spiritual tyranny" to check comments. There was a link to more about such abuse here: http://www.wickedshepherds.com .

But it's another example of the kind of astounding disconnect I've seen among many of the house church movement: they "strain out the gnat" of the tyranny of church bosses, but "swallow the camel" of husband rule over wife. The most vulnerable place for the women of such thinking is their prison!

I will never understand how the deep irony, the terrible injustice, of this double standard escapes people.

Debra Baker said...

Amen, Paula.