31 July, 2009

Exposing Silly Myths in the Pulpits

This is a good example of contrasting preaching on godliness and the shallow "how to" teaching found in most churches. Posting this does not mean I agree with everything Chandler teaches but at least he exegetes scripture and we can be Bereans easier than with the shallow topical Christless preaching found in many churches today.


Richard D said...

Lin - I understand and absolutely see the need for exegetical preaching - and preferably expositional preaching. But as I move my family to a new location right now, I'm convinced that I should look more at whether or not the leaders and congregation desire to be Christlike and growing in sanctification rather than concerns about preaching styles, theology, and adherence or opposition to various pet doctrines.

I'd love to hear your thoughts (and others) on this as this would be a huge change for me in what I look for in a church. But I'm prompted in this direction by the fact that I have chosen churches very badly for the past few decades, during which I sought churches that were theologically sound and featured exegetical/expositional preaching.

Lin said...

Boy, tough question. Can we really know if the pastor is Christlike until we are there for a while and it is not too large of a church. the more people there are, the more distant the pastor.

You gotta be careful because many SGM churches claim what you have described and they are positively cultic. If you doubt that check out SGM survivors and SGM refuge blogs of former members. I mention that because I believe there are quite a few SGM churches in your region.

I look for serious teaching in the children's dept that focuses on the full gospel and has lots of contact with seniors. Not the disney church stuff. And since my child is in big church with me, the expositional style becomes important so I can teach her how to test everything because there is so much junk out there.

I have come to the conclusion, I am as much a part of serving the Body as a pastor is and we depend on them too much. I prefer the guy with calloused knees who is not trying to build an empire whether big or small.

And I have learned an important lesson. The guy whose claim to fame is humility, usually isn't.

I am done with celebrity pastors.