06 April, 2009

Ephesians 5

May God richly bless this dear brother whose name we do not know.


gmommy said...

Thanks for this Lin!

Paul Burleson said...

WOW...I'm late in hearing this but thank the Lord I've now heard it.

Lin, I must at some point link to this or in some fashion put it on my blog to enable that little piece of the blogworld to be as blessed as I've been. Thanks for getting it out.

By the way...I STILL say your work on "Elders" listed on the right is the best anyone will read. Good stuff.

Lin said...

Hi Paul, Yes please put it on your blog and spread it around.

This dear brother rightly teaches on the unity and love metaphor that is used in this passage.

As we walk closer with Christ, this unity and love in marriage becomes quite clear, I think.

She is a true Ezer.

Lin said...

Another thing I so appreciate from this brother is he really teaches what happened on the cross.It wasn't the beatings, mocking, crown of thorns... The cup of Wrath. The Wrath He took for us.

Paul Burleson said...

I totally agree about the wrath thing. In fact, I'm convinced it was the wrath thing that created the agony of the garden experience. He chose to fulfill Divine purpose anyway wrath and all and aren't we ETERNALLY grateful!!