23 March, 2009

What Are We Missing?

I shamelessly pilfered the idea for this post from Kris over at http://www.sgmsurvivors.com/ because she makes such a good point with this video. One of her commenter's added this which I edited to fit a broader audience of Christians:

It’s astonishing how easily we can allow things that are dangerous to sneak right into the middle of our religious lives. The church keeps you busy with all kinds of activities that trains you to keep your eye on the players in white so that you never see the beast in the middle of everything. If you notice the bear, you are to blame for not seeing things correctly! Keep your eye on the ball, please. It’s gossip to mention the bear!

1 comment:

Junkster said...

Yes, but did you notice the little blue chipmonk doing The Hustle in the corner while the bear was Moonwalking in the center??