11 October, 2008

Are You Judging My Judging


Junkster said...

So, if I rebuke someone, and they say I shouldn't judge, they are judging my judging -- then if I say they are misapplying the Scriptures, I am judging their judging of my judging. And if they still say I am wrong ... we could end up in an infinite loop (in my judgment).

Lin said...

Uh...yeah. Thats the ticket. :o)

There will be no rebuking among Christians. It is judgemental. :o)

Josh Parker said...

The worst thing that the Boby of Christ can do is to 'look the other way' when we see someone make a habit of sin. Israel was judged for 'looking the other way'. Justice and judgment do not proceed when men get comfortable with sin. Lawlessness then prevails because men are afraid to stand up and oppose ungodliness, when appropriate. Nobody likes to be rebuked or corrected, but in the end, we are all better off.