04 May, 2008

Judge Pressler- "I Am Several Different Persons"


Meloff said...

Hi Lin!
Can you educate me a little bit about what I'm watching? I confess ignorance about both Judge Pressler and the interviewer, Bill Moyers.

However, I found this comment by Pressler very interesting:

"I do not let my religious convictions govern my decisions. My decisions are governed by the Supreme Court decisions, the statues that have been enacted, the Constitution of the United States."

This is why the Reconstructionists have to change our government and the political process. Then, they can continue to not let their religious convictions affect their jobs - because they will be one and the same! (I'm not saying Pressler is a Recon - just this quote jumped out at me.)

Also, he's on the board of directors for the CNP?

Anyway, Moyers hit it on the head with:

"But remember, this is America's largest Protestant Denomination. If a single faction can now control the meaning of the Bible, its leaders can decide who is a true Baptist, and what is right belief for all Baptists. As part of a political campaign with a specific agenda for America, they can enroll God in partisan politics, and make one party the sole party of truth. This changes the ground rules of politics."

Lin said...

Pressler bio:

Judge Paul Pressler, 73, "has been a director of Salem Communications Corporation since March 2002, and is also a board member of the Free Market Foundation and KHCB Network, a non-profit corporation which owns Christian radio stations in Texas and Louisiana, and a board member of National Religious Broadcasters. He has been an active leader in the Southern Baptist Convention. Additionally, he is a member of the Texas Philosophical Society, the General Counsel of the Baptist World Alliance, and a member of the State Republican Executive Committee of Texas. Since 2000, Judge Pressler has been a partner in the law firm of Woodfill & Pressler, a director of Revelation, Inc., and has been in private mediation practice for several years as well. A retired justice of the Texas Court of Appeals, Judge Pressler was appointed Justice of the Texas Court of Appeals in 1978, serving until 1992. Judge Pressler also served as District Judge from 1970 to 1978. From 1958 to 1970, he was associated with the law firm of Vinson & Elkins."--Forbes

Moyers is a liberal journalist who worked for PBS for years who was raised SBC.

I was taken aback that one who was pushing for the inerrancy of scripture and cleaning out our seminaries would admit that his Christian beliefs do not affect his interpretation of the law as a Judge. How could that be if he really believes in an 'inerrant' scripture? He described himself as 'different people' in each capacity.

Meloff said...

Thanks, Lin. I was really surprised by that comment myself. Regardless of the other stuff I wrote and my own personal thoughts on reconstructionism, I could not hold a public office and my personally held beliefs not affect how I approached that office.

Maybe it is politically inexpedient to admit that. Actually, I'm sure it is. No one can get elected and admit as much. At least I don't think so.