06 November, 2007

If Election is True...Then Why Pray?

If Election is true then why should we bother praying for someone to be saved? I have heard this question asked over and over. But my attempts to explain this have been feeble. Mike Ratliff over at Possessing the Treasure has a great article answering this question in detail.

But one thing I always think of is why did Jesus pray so much when He was on earth? After all, not only was He God in the flesh but everything He suffered was predestined, too.


Bob Cleveland said...

Because God says to. He even gives us the safety valve of the Holy Spirit to interpret those requests, should they be amiss, so that we can pray without a lot of equivocation and caveats.

The Baptist side has been conditioned to do things because we're "burdened", and mostly we're not. So we're mostly not doing them, and the church puts on programs to take up the slack

The Calvinist side says to do it because God says to, and that's good enough for them (at least in the Presbyterian Churches I've belonged to) which brings us back around to simple obedience.

That seems ironic to me. Calvinists being the ones who obey God.

Go figure.

Lindon said...