29 September, 2007

Jimmy Carter and Israel


Scott said...

Good find!

R. Grannemann said...

Jimmy Carter simply said some things that needed to be said, and he has been attacked by the very influential Jewish media as a result. For every dead Israeli in your video, Israel has killed a 50 Arabs. Israeli retaliation is never proportional.

Your video is simply a propaganda piece with it own blatant bias. Yes, let us claim the British Parliament had the right to give the land of native peoples to Jewish immigrants. Well, we do have to begin with where we are today. But your video doesn't help the cause of peace.

Lin said...

It absolutely amazes me that Israel has held back as much as she has. I never cease to be amazed that the IDP is willing to fight house to house in order not to hurt Palestinian innocents when looking for terrorists. More IDP soldiers are killed that way than just bombing.

They have missed many terrorist targets because they hide behind woman and children and Israel would not bomb.

It also amazes me that people are so quick to overlook the fact that young palestinians are willing to strap on bomb belts and blow up innocent children on buses and in the marketplace. Makes one wonder why we do not hear of Israeli atrocities more...

I am also amazed that there are Arabs in the Knesset. Last time I checked there were at least 3 who were duly elected. How many Jews have voting rights (Ha! How about citizenship as many Arabs do in Isreal) in Muslim or Arab countries? Or even in the PLO?

Oh there is so much more...one small fact that so many overlook is during Yassar Arafat's reign where he became a billionaire...Israel had to organize garbage crews, water works and basic amenities because the Palestinians wouldn't.

But the biggest amazement is that there is NO SUCH THING as a Palestinian. It was NEVER a nation state. 60 years ago, most would have described themselves as 'Syrian'.

But lastly, the 'Palestinians' WERE given a country. It is called Trans-Jordan. However, the Arab nations surrounding Isreal refused to take in the 'Palestinians' who fled Israel in 1948. WHY?

Why have they refused 2 deals for land and a nation in the last 20 years?

As Abba Eban so eloquently said, "The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

But we are silly to speak of peace there until Christ comes back.Especially since the PLO charter includes the strategy of wiping out every last Jew.