19 August, 2007

Questions Jesus Never Asked

Unlike Christians and their pastors, Jesus Christ never asked the following questions that Christians are obsessed with:

  • Do you go to church?

  • Where do you go to church?

  • Will you come to church with me?

  • Do you go to church on Sunday?

  • Do you go to church on Saturday?

  • Who is your church pastor?

  • Is your church having revival?

  • Do you pay tithes to your church?

  • What is the name of your church?

  • Does your church believe in infant baptism?

  • Does your church have a youth pastor?

  • Are you building a new church building?

  • What church denomination are you?

  • Is your church a non-profit corporation?

  • Is going to church necessary for salvation?

  • Does your church believe in the Holy Spirit?

  • Do your church people speak in tongues?

  • Does your church believe in charismatic experiences?

You know why Jesus Christ never asked these types of questions to anyone? Because all these "churchy" questions are not what Jesus Christ taught. Jesus never asked the question "Does your church believe in the Holy Spirit?", because what He taught was addressed at Luke 11:13:

"If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him?"

The vast difference between churchianity and Jesus Christ is that churchianity is obsessed with the customs and traditions of men, while Jesus Christ came to fulfill the will of the Father and to finish the work appointed to Him by the Father. A comparison of the teachings and life of Jesus Christ as revealed in the four Gospels, reveals a stark difference between man-made church religion and the truth as revealed through Christ. It is belief in the customs and traditions of men that often result in spiritual abuse. On the other hand, when people really follow Jesus Christ, they are set free from religious man-made bondages.

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1 comment:

Scott said...

# Does your church believe in infant baptism?

# Does your church believe in the Holy Spirit?

While I certainly understand and agree with the underlying tenor of the post in general, the above two bullet points are misplaced.

Semantically speaking, Jesus did not ask the questions. Jesus expected a cognizant understanding of what He came to do (which Believer's baptism professes for the believer). As such it is a very important question to ask in regards to what a "church" does.

Jesus devoted a large portion of teaching in John 14-16 about the Holy Spirit. Again, as such, it becomes imperative to establish what a "church" believes about the teaching of Jesus Christ.