14 July, 2007

Evan Almighty

Does one have to actually go see Evan Almighty to know that it blasphemes our Holy God? That is the argument many are making on blogs. One church even called off Sunday Services so the entire congregation could attend the movie together and invite their friends as an outreach. To read about this church go to: throughtheveil.

But we know many churches are using clips from movies for sermon illustrations so I visited http://www.wingclips.com to see some clips from Evan Almighty. Yes, it is just as inane as I feared...as I knew it would be. Even Cecil B. DeMille did not try to 'humanize' our Holy God as a cool dude making physical appearances.


Jen said...

I saw the previews and thought it looked rather heretical, but I was in the mood for watching a movie, so I took my children to see this anyway, determined to use it as a teaching experience.

Instead, I was very pleased with the movie. I thought it was very well done. Yes, God was portrayed by a man, but I thought it was very tasteful and it really made me think. It should give Christians several things to consider.

I also loved the way they used a well-known Bible story and applied it to real life today.

On this one, Lin, I recommend it!

Lin said...

We don't disagree often but this time I have to disagree with you.

Maybe it is because I come from the seeker church world where everything in scripture has been dumbed down to cheap grace. Where as you come from the Patriarchy movement where everything is legalistic.

One of the most chilling aspects I see in Christendom today is the lack of understanding of just how Holy is our God. We see it in seeker movement, emergent, etc.

Think of how far we have come...Cecil deMille would not even portray God except as a voice which is bad enough but since then we have had lots of films with God portrayed in human form. It is my contention that these images really do stay with kids. Do we even dare to portray Him?

Remember all the silly pictures of Jesus you used to see as a kid? Where he looks like an effiminate hippie? That was our mental image of him and it has been hard to get rid of that mental image. Now we have Jesus as a cool dude...just one of the guys. There seems to little fear of the Wrath that Jesus is coming back with.

Just curious, did they show the world being destroyed by the flood at the end? Babies drowning?