24 May, 2007

I Love Old People

Watching 90 year old Miss Mildred recklessly maneuvering her 'looks-almost-brand-new' 1987 Mercury Marquis out of the church parking lot on Sunday, I got to thinking about all the seniors at my church.

They are a lively crew and unlike my former ‘youth culture’ church, ubiquitous. I like going to a church with lots of seniors because...

They have been there-done that. And we haven't.

When you think about it, these men and women grew up in a depression and fought a world war while rationing everything from sugar to gas. They gave up stockings, bobby pins and even tires! There was some slack in the 50’s while they were hard at work building our country and giving their kids every opportunity they never had. Then the rebellion started. From there they endured the Vietnam War in their middle age and on to high inflation and gas lines. Many went from no indoor plumbing as kids to e-mail accounts in their old age.

We simply cannot relate.

Which brings me to this: Why are they so happy but teens with cell phones everywhere look so angry? Many of the seniors at my church are positively beaming with joy. And they still know how to have fun.

Could it be because coming out of the refining fire they are absolutely sure where they will be going soon?



Jen said...

Hi, Lin. Great post as usual!

Maybe it's because they've learned to be content in whatever state they are in. Maybe it's because they learned to count their blessings when they didn't have much, so everything is a blessing to them now. Maybe it's because they are secure in God's grace and don't have to look for their joy in the world. Maybe it's just that refining fine. I am so grateful for refining fires. Being purified is NOT fun, but it sure is worth it in the end!

Lin said...

Jen, You have been through the refiners fire and your graciousness toward your detractors is a great witness of Christ in your life. You model loving those who do you harm.

Thank you for your boldness with truth.

Grace and Peace, Lin