11 April, 2007

The Plagiarism Driven Church?

Shepherd, your sheep are weary and starving for the truth of YOUR Word.


Jodi said...

This makes me SICK. How lazy can these people that use these sermons be? And the saddest part is that they are robbing themselves of precious time in God's Word. My husband teaches our Sunday School class, usually expositorilly (sp?!?), and devotes at least 10 hours a week of study to each 30 minute lesson. There are a gazillion short cuts he could take, but he knows that God wants him soaking up the Word to impart to others. Not spewing some other guy's research. And he has a full time job, and graduate business school, and a demanding wife (hehe), and volunteers with our senior high ministry. For these guys that are PAID preachers, quit taking the SHORTCUT. Spend the hours in Scripture...listen to the Holy Spirit as you are guided through what to impart to your congregation. You will get more out of it than they do...promise!

Lin said...

Jo, not to mention what James says about those who are teachers of the Word. Should scare people who are 'buying' sermons.