28 December, 2006

The Rick Warren Debate

World Net Daily has started a forum called The Rick Warren Debate. Go on over and put in your two cents about 'America's Pastor'.
There are some very interesting posts and I am delighted to see so many pointing out his false teaching.
(The picture is just a joke, folks. Calm down. You can't buy this on Amazon....yet.)


simplegifts3 said...

Thanks for the heads up. I am going to link my blog post there, in which I reposted Metochoi's complaint and Scriptural analysis of Warren's marketing of the "40 Days of Purpose" campaign.

simplegifts3 said...

PS, I've tried finding your blog from your old name, lindon, but came to a dead end on blogger. I'm glad I can visit your blog again. And thanks very for the comments on my blog. I always enjoy reading your perspective on issues.

Lindon said...

I have been having a few challenges with beta blogger. I think it's fixed. The change over was not pleasant for me.

How about we do a '40 days of purpose diet' to lose 40 lbs and make a million?

I wonder if he tried to copy or trademark 40 Days?

You know, Covey tried to trademark these: win/win, win/lose, The Goose that laid the golden egg (because Hans Christian Anderson's family did not)and 7 Habits. There were quite a few others but I forget. We had to document each time we used these words in any corporate training venue.