22 November, 2006

We Are Stupid, Indeed

Here are some quotes from a WND today that are quite telling on Rick Warren's "I am not a diplomat but just a preacher doing a favor for a neighbor" trip to Syria.

"The {State Department} report did note that David Duke, former national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, took part in a mass solidarity protest in Damascus, and his speech was aired on Syrian national television praising President Bashar al-Asad."

Rick, it seems like you are in good company. Both you and David Duke are praising Syria's leader and government!

"However, in a video posted on YouTube but removed when the WND story was released, titled "Building Bridges," Warren is shown walking down a Damascus street commenting on political and social life in Syria, saying Christians and Muslims get along with each other.
"It's a moderate country, and the official government role and position is to not allow any extremism of any kind," Warren says. "

Oh how I wish I had copied that video before they took it down. Problem is, they took it off right after WND published their story. Wonder why? It couldn't be because it is hypocritical, could it? Let's see....

"VOM (Voice of the Martyrs) spokesman Todd Nettleton said Syria is considered a "restricted" nation because although there are some freedoms, there is virtually no freedom for a Muslim to convert to Christianity.

Yeah, they get along great as long as no one wants to become a Christian. What is the point of being a pastor who goes to Syria, Rick? (If you are reading this, please stop and pray for our brothers and sisters in Syria)

Yet, Rick says Syria is moderate and does not allow extremism. Rick, we all know David Duke is not moderate and was welcomed by Assad. We all know it is NOT moderate to disallow a Muslim to convert to Christianity.

Still want to stand by that statement that they do not allow extremism of any kind?

Listen all, I am going to be 'extreme' here. Rick Warren is NOT a friend to Christians in this oppressive country. He has been used by this terrorist regime for PR value.

Do not be fooled. Assad knew that Gemayel was a target while he was chatting with Warren. Warren has provided great cover for this tyrant.

Lenin called guys like you, Useful Idiots.

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