14 November, 2006

We Are Insane, Indeed.

Following upon the "We are poor, Indeed" theme, I give you: "We are insane, indeed".

The 'we' being the 'royal we' of course, meaning Evangelical Christians. Why? Take a gander at this because you would not believe me if I just posted the article: http://www.sana.org/eng/21/2006/11/12/84711.htm

Uh, that is al-Assad Warren is sitting next to. Hey Rick, ask him where the weapons are that were trucked out of Iraq.

You will love the Syrian Press coverage of this:

DAMASCUS, (SANA)_ The meeting between President Bashar al-Assad and Pastor Rick Warren, a famous Protestant clergyman in the USA and an accompanying delegation on Sunday focused on the Syrian-American relations.
The American delegation stressed that the American administration is mistaken not to hold dialogue with Syria. The importance of dialogue among religions and achieving the just and comprehensive peace in the region which leads for stability and prosperity were emphasized during the meeting.
Pastor Warren hailed the religious coexistence, tolerance and stability that the Syrian society is enjoying due to the wise leadership of President al-Assad, asserting that he will convey the true image about Syria to the American people.
He offered to President al-Assad a memorial drawing as a gift to the Syrian people for their generosity and hospitality, thanking their efforts exerted for maintaining peace and harmony

Ah, peace and harmony with people who want to behead us.


luvvom said...

He who is for the world is against Christ.

lumenlibri said...

you said "he who is for the world is against Christ". I find this to be an obvious statement since Rick has never shown his loyalty to Christ. When I look at this picture I see brothers in one faith talking to each other. What a sobering picture.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Farah has a great new commentary on this today: here and here.