20 November, 2006

One Stop Warren Shop

Make a pot of French roasted espresso and spend some time within the 'one stop shopping' of information below about Rick Warren and his recent antics.

If we were drinking people, I would say make a stiff one first. This is not pleasant reading. It is down right scary considering the thousands (or is it millions) who 'follow' Rick Warren instead of Christ.

Ingrid Schlueter, over at Slice of Laodicea did all the heavy lifting putting these stories together. All I did was copy links.

Slice on Rick going to Syria Rick says, "My neighbor asked me, over the back fence, to meet with Assad."

Slice on Rick being part of a delegation I am just a preacher, not a diplomat, who just happens to be in Syria with part of a delegation. Gee, how DID I get seated right next to Assad and that guy who looks like a mufti?

This used to be a link to the Youtube video of Warren in Syria but got mysteriously yanked after the WND article Boy, those Saddleback folks are fast!

Link to WND article Joe Farrah gets 'it'.

Warren's big name PR guy issues statement about Syria trip I just cannot get past the fact Warren has a big name high powered PR guy. How worldly is that? So much for, "I'm not a diplomat' declaration.

Barak Obama to speak at Saddleback...uh...this has to be a typo...right? We researched it and it is true. Hard to believe but true.

Finally, someone else is covering Warren and the Syria trip Besides Ingrid and Joe Farrah.

More than you want to know about Obama..Parental Warning for graphic pictures Yeah, Obama is a real nice guy who only wants to save the mothers life with partial birth abortion. Even his wife agrees.

Editorial on WND about Obama speaking at Saddleback This guy gets 'it', too.

You are being wooed by Obama and friends. Here are the details First, it is kisses at Saddleback then.....

Story about Warren's fat cat PR guy Warren's influencer of the 'influencers' he loves to boast about. (Read that twice)

You are now entering the weird zone. Read about Warren's ties to CFR How many pastors do you know are members of the CFR? The Oxford Analytica?

Story from someone who has been investigating the CFR for 15 years

Be sure and read the article link on this one! No need to worry, these influencers know how to plan your future

Be sure and check out the Front Page Magazine Article. Horowitz and his crew always get the politics right.


http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=25505 READ THIS ONE!

http://www.speroforum.com/site/article.asp?id=6603 A spanking to us bloggers from Rick. Rick thinks we are the 'world'. Rick cannot seem to get scripture straight. Of course, that is why he sold millions of books! No one wants the real truth of scripture....it's too hard.

http://www.christianpost.com/article/20061117/23520.htm Here is one from his friends at the Christian Post. This one is even scarier by reporting on his travels and training for PDL across the globe.

Message to Rev. Warren: Does the term 'Baathist Regime' mean anything to you? Assad and his henchmen have been laughing in their tea cups over the PR value of one large celebrity pastor from America.

Uh, I am sure you shared the full gospel with Assad, right? Wrath and all? Right after promoting YOUR peace plan....right?


Jodi said...

Thanks, Lin!

Now the question becomes, working for a Christian organization, is it unethical to spend time at work 'boning up' on a false prophet? Hope not! :)

Lindon said...

Even Christians get breaks, right? :0)

Brandon Giromini said...

It seems unless someone out there downloaded the Youtube video it is lost forever. I tried finding it through Google's cache and archive.org but no go. We need to find out you originally posted the video and then press them to explain why they removed it so quickly. After this weekend maybe...

Lindon said...

If anyone could find it stashed away somewhere, it would be you! :o)

I was hoping some enterprising Slice reader had added it to their blog but no one has come forward.

Joe Farrah watched it and described some of it. From what I could ascertain, it was pretty clear where Warren stands on his thinking of a terrorist state! No wonder it got pulled fast! Walking down a street in Damascus pontificating how well the Jews, Christians and Muslims live together in that country is a bit much...considering converting to Christianity from Islam is a crime!

The mind reels.

Lindon said...

Oh and one more thing...never forget that Warren said that Syria was a 'moderate country that did not allow extremeism'. Remember that because it does not fit historical facts and it will not fit future facts about Syria.