05 November, 2006

It's Only the Symptom

Tim Brown has written an excellent article at Reformed Gadfly about the larger disease in the Evangelical church. Thanks Tim, for having the courage to speak out on Biblical truths.


Lindon said...

I read Ricks post earlier. I am afraid I have to part ways on this one.

Rebellion? Against God's Word? On the contrary, I proclaim His Sovereignty and His Word.

Jen expresses this better than I ever could: http://jensgems.blogspot.com/2006/10/ligoniers-new-progressive-views.html

Jen reminds me of my own sweet mother who loved her Savior and sought to please Him in every way.

I encourage you to copy this url in your browser and read the article. Then, I encourage you to seek the guidance of scripture and the Holy Spirit. I am afraid this is one area of doctrine that has gotten blown way out of proportion. I would rather not get into specifics here but will discuss with you via e-mail if you care to.

Sarah, many of your posts on blogs have ministered to me. The love you have for our Savior comes through with such grace. You have a beautiful spirit and I have been blessed by your conviction.

Your sister, Lin

lumenlibri said...

I just came from the site that luvvom listed...wow! Something to think about.

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