02 October, 2006

Church Crowd

"One of the fundamental issues of misunderstanding that leads to corrupt churchmanship in our generation is the failure to distinguish between a crowd and a church. The failure to distinguish between a crowd and a church is ...to misunderstand everything about preaching, everything about ministry, everything about our task. If we think our business is to build a crowd, frankly any of us can do it. There's a way to bring and draw and attract a crowd. . . . Let us never mistake a crowd for a church or think our business is to draw a crowd."

-- Al Mohler, 2003 Shepherds' Conference


luvvom said...

I've heard this somewhere else...I think Paul Washer might have quoted him in one of his sermons. This quote deals with humanistic vs Godly avenues.

Lindon said...

Have you been listening to Washer's sermons? I think I have heard most of them that are online.

luvvom said...

I just can't get enough of them! I asked them to send me a list of their sermons to buy but the list was very short I wish they had an online store!

Lindon said...

Here is a link to many of his sermons:


Yikes, that is a long link