26 August, 2006

Emergent Interview

This is an excellent interview between an Emergent, whose name I do not know, and Frank Turk (centuriOn) of Pyromaniacs who is not so much an emergent type.

The interview starts off with this update which I copied exactly as it is:

UPDATE: I appreciate the links and commentary this has caused, but Frank Turk and the web sites I mentioned are NOT one in the same. If anyone wants to discuss the hatred on sites like EmergentNo and Slice of Laodicia, I'll start a new post.So this guy, Frank Turk, leaves a comment on my blog offering to respond to the Emerging Interview questions. Having never heard of him, I went out and read some of his blog(s), learning that he's not so much an emergent type. Rather, he's more of an "I don't like the emerging church" type.

To read the whole interview, go grab a cup of coffee...this will be worth your time. Frank is one sharp guy:



centuri0n said...

I'll do anything for a link to the blog.

Well, almost anything.


Lindon said...

Would love to...Send me the code...I have tried in the past and it would not post!

I love your blog.

Lindon said...

Frank, it worked...you are linked. Thanks a bunch.

johnMark said...

You linked Frank? FRANK?? Oh boy, what's this world coming to. I mean, one day when he is in town I'm sitting next to he and his wife watching a Christian concert and the next he's the King of the Blogs.


He's a great guy and friend,

Lindon said...

Yes, JM, but I am no dummy. I insisted on reciprocity. I want all of my 10 readers to have easy access to his most excellent blog. :-)