06 August, 2006

Almost A Christian

Excerpt from
Almost a Christian
From a larger treatise on the same subject
by Rev. Matthew Meade

The altogether Christian has a thorough work of grace and sanctification wrought in the heart, as a spring of obedience. Regeneration is a whole change. All old things are done away, all things become new. It is a perfect work as to parts, though not as to degrees.

Carnal men do duties but from an unsanctified heart, and that spoils all. A new piece of cloth never does well in an old garment, for the rent is made worse (Matt. 9:16). When a man's heart is thor­oughly renewed by grace, the mind savingly enlight­ened, the conscience thoroughly convinced, the will truly humbled and subdued, the affections spiritually raised and sanctified, and when the mind and will and conscience and affections all join issue to help on and with the performance of the duties commanded, then is a man altogether a Christian.

Here the almost Christian fails. He does the same duties, but he does them not in the same manner. If he pray, he regards not faith and fervency in prayer; if he hears, he does not mind Christ's rule: "Take heed how ye hear." If he obey, he looks not to the frame of his heart in obedi­ence; therefore miscarries in all he does. These defects spoil all.

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Jim from OldTruth.com said...

You are doing good work here Lin. Be encouraged, and keep going!


Lindon said...

Thanks so much, Jim. You have been an unheralded mentor to me with your Old Truth website.

Thanks for teaching Old Truths to me. God Bless You!