22 July, 2006

Witness To Your Tribe

If you have broadband this is worth your time. Click on the header to link to Mark Driscoll talking about style in worship. Quite frankly, I am not sure what to think about this. He makes some great points but some of it is disturbing. To understand the "Tribe" reference, you have to watch the video.

Having spent some time in Seattle on business, I can understand where he is coming from. It is definitely a secular city. I can remember on one trip having to go down to Tacoma to find an 'evangelical' church and even then, if you closed your eyes, it could have been Joel Selfesteem talking.

His talk here reminds me of one trip out there where a strange exchange happened. I was meeting with some big shots from a well known software company. We were jointly planning a big Software Institute in my state. During the meeting, one guy from the software company said to me, "Well, you sure have your work cut out for you".

I replied without even thinking, "Yes, I sure could use your prayers."

Everything got real quiet. I looked around and all 12 people in the room were staring at me. He finally said, "Pray for you? I don't understand what you mean?" I had just started to say I was a Christian when someone broke in with another question and I never got the chance to finish after the word Christian.

Later that evening at Ruth Chris', he approached me and pointed to a guy that looked just like Leif Erickson, the Viking, and said, "Hey, if you are religious, you ought to get together with Gary over there...he is Hindu, I think."


luvvom said...

I have broadband but nothing happened when I clicked on the header. sarah

Lindon said...

Sorry for your trouble. The header takes you to a video from the Desiring God site. The video is an interview with Mark Driscoll. You may have to let it load. That could take a few minutes.

If that fails again, try this


Scroll down to Mark Driscoll and click on the video marked Worship Styles.