04 March, 2007

What Does Your Pastor Wear?

Pastor fashion has become a hot topic. There have been debates about what pastors should wear in the Pulpit. A suit and tie? A suit with no tie? A Hawaiian shirt? I got to thinking that Episcopalians never have to worry about this. Should we have a uniform of sorts? And if yes, what? Let's take a look at what some of our Episcopalian friends are wearing.

By the way, the only Episcopalian priest I know is Father Tim and he lives in Mitford.

I hate to be shallow, but I would probably have a hard time focusing on the message if my pastor had this on.

I have often wondered if they
get in trouble if they forget to wear the necklace.

This collar is killing me. What was I thinking? I can't wear this every time I walk out the door! I shoulda' gone to a Bible College. They always look so comfortable..."


The Very Reverend Niles Cashley-Price models his new vestments robes


"Look Mom! I made it! I'm a real priest now and I get to wear this cool robe!"

Didn't my mom have curtains made of this material?

And you thought it was a dickey, didn't you?

If he offers you some kool-aid, don't drink it


Biblical Berets for the French, British, Scottish and the..uh...ear ache challenged priests


Beside the fact this is unbiblical, do you get the feeling she has some help under there?

Words fail me.



luvvom said...

I liked the last one the best! Wow! What is up with all of that?

Lindon said...

I get hot just looking at him. It is 100 degrees here.

Anonymous said...

Does any one else (besides me)know who Father Tim of Mitford is?

Lindon said...

Hi Anon, If they don't, they have been living in a cave.

Father Tim was raised Baptist but became an Episcopal priest because his unsaved Father was raised in that denomination....Gee, you would think he was real the way I go on about him...it is just make believe....fiction!!!

Mitford Series is a great read.

luvvom said...

I guess I've been living in a cave. :o) Well, at least its cool in this cave.

Scott said...

Hey! How about the GQ look? That's what my pastor is trying to do and, well, perhaps the plain old standby of coat-and-tie would do better. GQ juuuuust doesn't get it with him.

Lindon said...

Scott, at least it is not the surfer dude look. Let's just hope there are no 'image consultants' involved!

Jen said...

Lin, you are on a roll today! I loved this post! I guess I live in a cave, too, so thanks for explaining.

I wasn't exactly sure which definition of "hot" you are talking about when you look at these priests. ;-)

Lin said...

Oh Dear! I must explain about 'hot'! This was originally posted last summer during a heat wave across the country. I just decided to repost it now...during a cold wave...because, well...I am a bit scant on posting.

Whew! Glad to clear that up. As to the cave...well if you have not read Jan Karon's Mitford series, you must. They are a delight and a hoot. And all are now out in paperback.

David Dansker said...


You caption on the red regalia, including miter hat, photograph: "I would probably have a hard time focusing on the message if my pastor had this on." In the Babylonian/Catholic mystery religion, that was/is exactly the point.


Lindon said...

the outfit you mention is also used as a sign of authority.

Come, LORD Jesus! said...

What does our pastor wear?

He wears a suit, tie....truly conservative wear. He wears a smile. He carries a Bible. He envelops his messages in Bible verses...yet...our pastor is a wolf. He loves fleecing the sheep of The LORD Jesus Christ. He is a hireling...and for this we are heartbroken.

What does YOUR pastor wear?

Living Hope In Jesus

Jen said...

Come, Lord Jesus - why are you attending this church?