24 July, 2006

The Mind Of A Terrorist

Pierre Rehov is a French Jew who grew up in Algeria but had to flee anti-semitism to France (The land of Dreyfus!) with his parents as a child. Pierre has been spending his time documenting the truth about terrorists.

Rehov produces documentaries on the terrorists and the Middle East which are fascinating. Here is a link to his website: http://www.pierrerehov.com/index.shtml where you can see trailers of some of his documentaries. I suggest you watch them and buy some if you can. The information will blow your mind.

Here is a quote from his website:

"Palestinian mythology is based on an absurd "martyrdom philosophy" that every reporter working in the "territories" is forced to buy, in order to work safely.

There is no freedom of press under the Palestinian Authority, and no journalist can report honestly without risking is life.

Therefore, most of the information we get from mainstream media is tainted by their fear of not being able to go back into those areas and report again or worse, of being kidnapped or killed.

One of my favorite Rehov documentaries: Holy Land: Christians In Peril.
Why is Bethlehem no longer a Christian town ? How Christians survive under Muslim laws. Please click the following links for more information about Holy Land: Christians In Peril. View the online trailer.

You can also link here for an interview with Rehov by Front Page Magazine: http://frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=20505


Italy or Bust said...

ah the earrings from the venice pictures...well you're in luck. i believe i got those at Target. i'm getting into the fad of big earrings and large purses. i just hope the fad lasts a bit longer so i can use them for a while longer. hope you're well!!

luvvom said...
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luvvom said...

Let's try this again. I doubt the media would report the truth even if they could. They sure don't do a very good job here in usa where they are free to do so. What is their excuss in Iraq? They have our soldiers there to help them out. Why can't they deliver some truth from there? Your friend is rare. sarah

Lindon said...

Hi Sarah, you are right about Iraq. It is as if they learn in journalism school to hate america.