07 July, 2006

Emergent Fashionistas

Warning: The following is 'satire'.

Do you think they held an Emergent 'conversation' about hair and glasses? Perhaps it went like this:

"I am going to wear emo glasses and dye my hair weird colors. Doug, you grow the pork chop burns. Leonard is doing the works: Hair, facial hair AND glasses."

"Well, I am going to wear emo glasses with normal hair because we already have enough facial hair in the group since Chris has decided to do the gumby comb over with a goatee".

"Dan, you can do the pompadour, you have the face for it, not to mention enough hair"!

"Uh, Marko, you can do the unwashed, spikey, too-much-gel look with the gomez goatee."

"Tim is doing the 60's thing with the long Jesus hair, so we are covered with the range of diversity for the emergent conversation. We must be relevant to the...uh...oh no...WAIT! We gotta find an afro to fill out the requirements for relativism...uh...er... I mean to be relevant to the culture! ...hey, does anyone know any black people? Hey, call Don Miller! He knows a few...doesn't he?

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