03 March, 2007

Early Seeker Church

1. Rent out the Circus Maximus and invite Rome

2. Constantine gives a frank talk on true leadership

(Constantine's newly published 'Leadership Papyrus' for sale in the Pavillion Papyrus souk located in the upper pavillion)

3. Gladiators will give a demonstration of their "Tour for Jesus" power fighting

4. First time event: Dueling Chariot Race between James and Jude

(Commemorative sashes available in the Pavillion Papyrus souk)

5. Special music by the great gnostic, Bonous

6.Fish and loaves available in the Pavillion Cafe!

Invite your friends!

Everyone is welcome.

Tickets: 30 pieces of silver


Anonymous said...

Pretty clever! I just found your site. You have some interesting posts.


Lindon said...
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Anonymous said...

WOW! The perfect number!!! ;-)


David Dansker said...

Really funny stuff, the Bonous picture great, and fish and loaves at the Pavillion Café!

Thanks for the post,