08 September, 2006

Got Meat?

I can remember the first time I heard John McArthur preach. It was on the radio and he made me so mad I turned it to NPR classical to calm down! I wanted my ears tickled at the time and was not open to the 'hard teachings' of the Word. Thankfully, I have grown past 'milk' enough to know that the truth of the scripture is all the matters...not my 'felt needs'.

Below is an article written by McArthur for Pulpit Magazine that is excellent. Ask yourself this: Is your pastor teaching you the Word in-depth from the pulpit?

Fifteen Evil Consequences of Plexiglas Preaching
By: John MacArthur

Armed with a “big business” mentality, many in the seeker-sensitive movement have replaced Bible-based sermons with anecdote-filled talks. After all, that’s the stuff that sells. In light of this growing evangelical trend, John MacArthur examines what happens when preachers put the seeker before the Savior and abandon God’s Word for ear-tickling entertainment.

Click here to read the entire article: http://www.gracechurch.org/sfellowship/pulpit/cis.asp


luvvom said...

John MacArthur is truly a man of God and sees the worldly church for what it is. We must all keep people like him in our prayers for God to keep His hand upon them. Thanks,Lin, for posting this. It certainly was needed not only for the content but also for encouragement to us all that not all our Godly pastors have fallen into the ditch.

Lin said...

It is hard to believe I used to despise his teaching. That is why I titled this post Got Meat. Finally I got off the bottle!